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Brandon’s Home Nursery 

Home Grown Plants to Beautify Your Home or Office! 

A Plant & Quilt Boutique in Orange, Texas

Brandon's Home Nursery and The Quilt Shack is a family-owned and operated boutique that offers handmade quilts and a wide variety of plants.

A Passionate Quilt Maker

I started quilting when I was about twenty one years old and fell in love with the art. I have been quilting for more than 30 years. Let me make your top or I can long arm quilt yours. No custom quilting. We can deliver locally for a $10.00 fee. I accept personal check, money order and Paypal.

A Plant Adorer

The man with the green thumb, Brandon, adores gardening. He takes excellent care of his nursery and personally tends to each plant. Flowering and non-flowering plants, types of herbs, and shrubs are grown in controlled temperatures. Brandon has spent most of his life nurturing different varieties of plants.

Brandon’s Home Nursery and The Quilt Shack

Whether you're looking for handmade quilts or flowering plants, you'll find it at Brandon’s Home Nursery and The Quilt Shack. Make your home warm, beautiful, and welcoming with our roses, orchids, wisteria, gardenia, and pothos ivy. Our carefully home-made quilts and naturally cultivated plants are available to you at reasonable rates.


We Do Quilt Repairs

Wind Mill Quilt

Log Cabin Table Runner

Prairie Flower

9 Patch Quilt

Grandmother fan

Baby Quilt

Star Quilt

4 patch Quilt

Baby Alphabet Quilt

Strip Quilt

Quilts in Appealing Colors & Patterns in Orange, Texas

The Quilt Shack- About Judy

I have been quilting over thirty years. I began quilting at age twenty-nine. I loved seeing the art of making one and after doing my first one, I was hooked. I love the feeling after creating one. I take special care of my quilts.
I focus mainly on creating quilt tops and sell them but can offer you long arm machine quilting. Create your top, we will quilt it. My prices are reasonable. No custom quilting.

Owner of this business

At this time we ship only to the U.S. There is a photo gallery for you to see. Also I do repair work on quilts.

Our Unique Collection of Plants in Texas

Brandon’s Homes Nursery

Brandon Allen has more than 30 years experience gardening and grows everything at his nursery with great care, and has a green thumb. I grow each one of our plants with great care. My greenhouse is for cultivation and growing plants, flowers, and shrubs that require controlled temperatures. You can choose from many different kinds of flowering plants, vegetables, house plants, trees, shrubs and vines at my nursery. We're a proud member of Southeast Texas Orchid Society. I speak English, French, and Spanish.
I am always growing something new and beautiful in my garden and greenhouse. I am willing to order or grow plants that are not already on hand.
Whether you're looking for handmade quilts or flowering plants, you'll find it at Brandon's Home Nursery & The Quilt Shack. Make your home warm and inviting with our impressive products and offerings.
Decorate your home with a wide range of beautiful flowering plants like rose, orchid, wisteria or gardenia. We also carry tropicals and pothos ivy. Let me make your gardening experience pleasurable for you. Perennials are perfect for any kind of garden. These colorful flowers are ideal for everyone from beginners to professionals.
Choose to adorn your garden with a canna lily or an agapanthus. All our plants are grown and cultivated with utmost care.
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Rose of Sharon/Althea

Non variegated airplane plant



Azaleas/mixed colors

Purple wisteria

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Home Grown Plants & Handmade Quilts to Beautify Your Home or Office 
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